[SINGLE] Draven- Lone Wolf

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[SINGLE] Draven- Lone Wolf Empty [SINGLE] Draven- Lone Wolf

Mensagem por PandoraBoxley em Ter Fev 02, 2016 2:48 pm

[SINGLE] Draven- Lone Wolf 2m7snr8

Titulo:Lone Wolf
Data de lançamento: 02/02/2016
Gênero(s):Dance-pop, Rock
Duração: 3:42
Produtor: Choumiryou,Neru,Rin kagamine,Riot
Escritor: Draven

Esse eo primeiro single do cantor/campeão Draven, ele mostra como foi seu trajeto de vida.
das ruas para uma vida melhor, conta como superou seus desafios, e tristezas, E como uma pessoa mudou sua vida,
mesmo ele sendo egoísta e metido ele soube que teve 1 pessoa que o apoiou nos seus momentos mais difíceis.

Lone wolf:

Like a wolf will run and chase you

A small child with broken dreams,
What is it you call it love?
I do not know!
After all i´m never feel it.
Is a lethal weapon?

Like a wolf will run and chase you
HEY! (3x)
And is not a FICTION!

(Back vocal)
Like a wolf will run and chase you
HEY! (2x)

Always in the shadows,
I walk alone,
Until when will keep this up?
Nowadays I do not have a personality,
I have nobody,
I have no friends,
I do not need anyone!
All are my enemies.
All will go away!
I do not care!,
I will go after ALL,
I will finish ALL!

You are known as an artist shine?
You know how I run?
I can hear laughter in the distance ..
I will not give up!
I will not GIVE UP!
Alone in this cold road I run!
Because everyone ignores me ?!
Because nobody NOTE ME ?!

Like a wolf will run and chase you
HEY! (4x)

I got tired of living in the shadow of someone who takes care of me,
But even when you notice it?
Because I can not let my MARK ?!

Walk through the woods alone,
Will be that everyone hates me ?!
I wanted to know where I got lost,
Where I am?!

Who was that white girl,
Where is she going ,
I go after her!
In both we ran through the woods under the moonlight
Laughs are echoed!
I do not feel so alone
But why !?!,
With tears clean my pain.
Why can not I show that I exist?
Why cant I see you more?!
All gone

The girl turns and speaks with a smile
''Where you get that ?, is well known!
,You isolate but everybody loves you! "
'Do not give up, keep fighting' '

All cleared!
She showed the direction I should go!
With a smile I´m find you,in the end of tunnel !
I am no longer alone ...
But it came up to me?
I will be with her forever-ER-ER-ER-ER-ER!

HA !

Like a wolf will run, and chase you(6x)

AAAAAHHHHHH   (altos falsetes)

Lone Wolf is out on Itunes now, Buy on Itunes

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