[SINGLE] Pandora Boxley feat Hatsune Miku-Dance World

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[SINGLE] Pandora Boxley feat Hatsune Miku-Dance World Empty [SINGLE] Pandora Boxley feat Hatsune Miku-Dance World

Mensagem por PandoraBoxley em Seg Jan 25, 2016 9:30 am

[SINGLE] Pandora Boxley feat Hatsune Miku-Dance World V5zrlx

Titulo:Dance World
Artista:Pandora Boxley,Hatsune Miku
Genero: Dance,POP,J-Pop
Escritores:Pandora Boxley,wowaka,Hatsune Miku

Pandora e Miku se junta de novo trazendo um novo feat, so que realmente bastante a musica e bem alegre, se trata de duas rivais que sempre brigavam pelos holofotes da dança, no que acabava as duas dançando a noite inteira, e era o ciclo vicioso.

Dance World:
Once again this dance battle begins, futile steps, enlarged ego.
You have not noticed? You can´t beat me in this battle.

Hatsune miku:
This battle is already won, I do not need rolling up the ground to achieve victory.
So then prove me its value!

The music starts and also is very high, you dance I dance, but what was that ?!
You call that dancing ?, I can be perfect, but perfection level is between these two dancers who struggle to earn the spotlight, then you call that dancing?
Come on! you can be better than that!

Hatsune miku:
How about a dance with leaps?

How about we forget the time?

Pandora and miku
go crazy, forget what means dance and just dance,
dance until the world ends
Be free,forget the time,leave you normal life.
And spin,
Before the world END

Hatsune miku
Empty seats, and you really stubborn, you very awkward dance,
Dance when you are sad

Dance when you are happy
But because we continue to face us, we're both a lot of good!
Us two ever compete in this rivilidade without END

Hatsune miku?
So we end up!

Let's end this rivalry!

Pandora and miku:
Let's dance in this scenarios is beautiful, forget the pains and sorrows, jump, shine.
Forget the time we dance until dawn!
Dance freak out and we will be happy in this lost world
Jump,freak out, let forget the bad times, and start new good ones.
Dance and dance,with no time to come back, with a spin we dance all night
And a friendship born.
Goodbye one more time, I see you in other night!

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