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Mensagem por PandoraBoxley em Ter Dez 29, 2015 5:40 pm

[EP] Pandora Boxley - Life V5yc5d

Artista: Pandora Boxley (with Draven and Hatsune Miku)
Data de Lançamento: 29-12-2015
Gênero: Pop, Jazz, Dance, Ballad, Electropop, J-Rock.
Duração: 21:52
Produtores: Pandora Boxley, Draven, Hatsune Miku, Crush-P, KagomeP, Maretu,Rerulili, Neru, Suzumu, Circus-P, Giga.
Escritores: Pandora Boxley, Draven, Hatsune Miku, Nightcore
Gravado em: Vocaloid Record

Pandora estreia seu primeiro EP para o mundo.
Esse lançamento conta a trajetória da vida de Pandora da solidão a amizade e amor eterno, junto com alguns contos.
O álbum varia entre pop a rock, mistura um pouco de Eletrônica, J-Rock, e Ballad com Jazz. Dando uma harmonia ate boa de ser ouvir.




                                               1 - Darkness
                                               2 - Personality Masks
                                               3 - Duet
                                               4 - Slow Motion (Hatsune Miku feat. Pandora Boxley)
                                               5 - Curse Eyes
                                               6 - Reporte (bonus track)



Darkness: Foi um períodos mais sombrios de pandora, conta a historia de quando era pequena e como acabou sendo rejeitada pelos amigos, acabando se sentido sozinha e tentou se ‘molda’ para ser aceita.

Personality mask: Foi quando pandora começou a se ‘molda’ para ser aceita em um grupo de amizade, criando mais de uma personalidades, e  acabando esquecendo seu verdadeiro ‘Eu’, ela percebeu o que acabou esquecendo, e tenta sair do seu ciclo vicioso.

Duet-Foi quando pandora encontrou seu amor, ela conta a historia de como Draven e ela se conheceram, e seus pequenos problemas que passaram.

Slow motion – Foi quando conheceu Hatsune miku, sua amiga de peito , essa musica conta quando Miku passou por problemas de depressão e não tinha ninguém para lhe dar um ombro para se apoiar.

Cursed Eyes: Essa historia ,era uma pequena historia que sua mãe contava, conta uma hisstoria d euma menina por ser diferente foi julgada por ser diferente, deixando ser abandonada pelos moradores e o bulling que acabou sofrendo, nisso mudando seu comportamento e suas atitudes.

Reporte:E a continuação de Cursed Eyes, conta a historia de um reporte muito respeitado por ter seus casos sempre resolvidos, mas esse caso que ele pegou sempre que ele chega a suas conclusões nunca se encaixavam, o deixando mas obsessivo e compulsivo para termina um mistério que não parecia ter fim.

I was 8 years already discovered the meaning of loneliness,
I pretended for a personality can get close to those who claimed to be my friends,
but expect everything is dark 'cause everything changed?
After 8, darkness overcame me alone way this suffering road,
but wait because soon I have to suffer?
after 9 all knew was getting blurred,
10 was alone in the meantime I met people who claimed to be my friends,
but expect it to be wrong all gone,
left alone I'm here alone in the dark,
all I can do is howl.

After 10 my heart began to break up and all I can do is howl.
With 15 years to discover that feeling called love, the days are usually followed until you destroy me,
with a thousand bullets my heart is gone,
now turned into a monster!.
What It did was prevent that person alone now turns selfish heartless run on this road of life without giving up run to live.

That's what you call chaman life of misery,
alone in this dark place all claiming to be my friends disappeared now all I can is howling.

Personality mask:
They spend days until night what's going on what you hear with my true self?
What I get out of it ?!
I do not know called differences,
Right or wrong,
Right or left,
Up or down,
Black or white
What's happening to me?

1 masks, masks 10, 100 masks (2x)
This all insane, Insane!
Hey, you even I know what you forgot?
Searching (2x)
Hey you each your true self?
Wait what am I saying ?!

Da (3x)
So you forgot to put your mask today?

again according to this vicious circle of good and evil,
Hope you hear I can not smile anymore,
what this pain in my chest?
and something that lately I've been asking a lot,
you bring me great joy, but something in me is missing!
Wait I'm confused, wait!
Give me a break!
1 masks, masks 10, 100 masks
right or wrong,
happy or sad,
hate or love ?!
insane (2x)
Everything is!
Dance, dance I go,
wait, my pain increased!

Do (3x)

hey, because my mask cracked?

what you hear, I try to find that answer
1 masks, masks 10, 100 masks (2x)
what's happening?!,
1 masks, masks 10, 100 masks
where I am?
1 masks, masks 10, 100 masks
Expect all of you!
Why am I smiling?
wait what it is called ... love?

stop (2x)
this hurts more
insane (2x)
someone please help me!

Da (3x)

with a smile, my mask breaks and alone with you I'm gone.

It all started with a conversation,
Very soon fell in love.
Always I wondered,
What would that beat in my chest?

The weeks went by,
and I met you more and more.

(pandora and Draven)

Will I ever have a chance?
Or is it something that my head invented ?!

Just could not control myself more.
I hope you feel the same for me


From the day I met you, I turned my little world.
But even if distance separates us you will be with me.
And in my heart remained!

(pandora and Draven)

Even if the world revolt, and everyone will be against us.

I never leave your side and will always protect you.


A promise that will never be broken.

(pandora and Draven)

Even if the world hate us, we will be our company, and will run far away


Holding your hands feel I am strong

(pandora and Draven)

and I can do anything with you.


I go on the Internet, I am meeting you down, I ask you why.
You silent is quiet and starts to cry!
Please tell me, I want to see your smile again!


I want to die, kill the pain I have!
Can not stand it, I have something to tell you, but the pain is very strong!
I wish I could yells those feelings, but I'm too weak!
Forgive me!


It's all right,
I also wanted to talk to you something,
But my heart will not let me!
But I have no strength enough to screams what I feel!

(pandora and Draven)
Even if the world hate us, I'll be by your side!
I love you,
But you will one day see?
But until then,
This pain would torment me ...
And I remain silent.
One day I will have the courage ..

one day I will have courage
and I will tell you

(pandora and Draven)
one day I will have courage, and will tell you!
I love you ....

Slow motion:

(Hatsune miku)

Slow motion!
a vicious cycle!

GOGO! (2x)
Hang on.
how are you?

(hatsune miku)

I open my eyes with a beautiful sun on my face.

Will I have to do is back to sleep.
but I have to live another day.
Always the same routine.
when will I get out of this vicious cycle !?

I repeat things every day,
will there is a way to break it ?!
I'm accepting help!
How to break something that I repeat every day ?.
I get up, and I go to the computer.
Always change something, something terrible always happens ..
In the morning is always slept,
Afternoon is always the play,
Night is without sleep is,
and looks at the clock chimes.
and when I see in the morning, and the same cycle is repeated!
Need help...
someone to talk?
The everyone is asleep ...
How to get out of this vicious cycle?


repeating each step, I do until life is over.
I feel that I will repeat it even go to the grave.
how will my friends are going with their lives ..?
Oh, I do not know.
I already know what to do with that time ...
Wait, what is this?!
I need a profissonal.

True (2x)
You can do it!
Just do it?
What happened to you?!


I´m wake up, hear noises ,I open the door, I find you all hurt.
And your little smile disappeared, you looked like a lifeless robot ..
You want to come in and take some tea?
You speak the same sentences every day, you forgot to change?
Or just lost the will to live ..?
with a face would pull you into the yard.
With a smile, I force you go out of your routine.
All calculated to perfection!
something I'm doing you get back in!
Now let's break this chain ..
How it feels?
With a smile, I force you to play with me!
Let's not be shy, let's change this cycle!

(hatsune miku)
It's not right!
I can not break it!
I feel a bit scared ..
Something that is coming back to is more colorful
My smile springs up again on my face
And laughs start coming out of my mouth
what did you do to me?


it is possible to have.
and the impossible as well.

(miku hatsune and Pandora)

Hey (4x)

(hatsune miku)
so alone (2x)
I was

So sad (2x)
I was

I was so quiet ..
but something in my brain woke up!


A vicious cycle that forgot how to break!
From time to time if you are in trouble, we asked for help to your friends!


something that does not need to worry!
With a smile I will come back from over!

something that is good to do with life when it bother you!
Or when abandon you!
I can do it now!
This vicious cycle!
Be far away ...
Of my life, forever!

Slow motion!
Slow motion!
Slow motioOOON !!


a vicious life ...


Slow motion ..

Curse Eyes:

Within a strange forest, there was a strange girl
And? (2x)
She was born with a strange eye.
She was always alone with a strange smile on his face,
And (2)?
And with a bandana on his eye was ....


everyone was afraid, his eyes were so cold,
And? (2x)
Many came into hiding.
rumors spread about that girl,
That eye that she was hiding, had an even deeper secret.
'Everyone looked at his cursed eye, disappeared'
with this curse, the girl received the title of 'cursed Eye'.
The little girl walked his way up the laughs come to your ears.
The little girl 'cursed' eyes were sad,
with her basket, and with a smile she goes behind the laughter.
Wait let's play!
I want to have fun!

The girl ate a small apple under a large tree.
interesting (2x)
but it is not.
teenagers approached the little girl,
Hey girl let's play!
It will be fun!
They took a small knife and cut the fabric covering her eye.

The girl sees the tissue slowly drop into his lap, everything was in slow motion.
Children look the cursed eye.
All start running.
The girl's eyes begin to shine.
The girl 'eye cursed' with a smile goes behind children and disappears in the forest.
So screaming so can be heard!
The girl of the 'eye jinxed' was painted red.
and with a smile in tears she looks at his hands.

The little girl back into the woods,
with her little basket and his little smile.
You, you know what happened?
Teenagers disappeared and were never found.
That sad
That sad
The girl was smiling with a tear in the eye cursed ..


[EP] Pandora Boxley - Life 57iud

The far away, there was a village within a forest where strange murders happened.
There was a report in the case, strange environment, he did not look human.
He could solve all cases up to the most difficult, but something that village got his attention!
He began to investigate, however he came close, his tracks disappeared altogether.
A game between a killer and someone who wants to do justice.
Your camera is ready, his aim was leased on a particular person.
Are you ready?
Days and nights were spent, behind that mysterious girl.
Clues pointed her as the murderer, but nothing connected.

On an average day, the small report, go to the forest.
He comes across a girl who was being annoyed by the two boys.
He saw the boy Yellow pulls out a knife,
laughs were heard,
the draft report on a bush starts shooting.
The two boys run far away,
The camera starts to make well-aimed shots,
But the girl at a time was not in his head,
The 'eyes prohibited' were revealed!
The girl with a knife runs after the two boys.
She screams:
'No one has the right to see something that was created!'
The report begins to go after that strange girl.

Are you ready?
Everything is silent,
The report goes behind the girl and suddenly cries are heard.
The reporting slow steps and find the girl covered with red, bodies were close to her.
A shadow was around her, was a huge wolf, the girl looks at the bush and sees the flash.

The girl starts running after the report.
The report runs right out of this nightmare,
He found the mystery,
But who did?!,
Answers started crosses your head
His eye is really cursed?
What happened there?
The reporting for some time hiding behind a tree,
Girl loses sight
He sighs of relief, before fleeing knowing the truth
A huge shadow in the shape of a wolf knocks him to the ground.
The shadow so speaks in a very low voice
The spectacle is over,
The killer was revealed and you will not get out alive!

O really?
Wolf raises his claws,
The great spectacle over!
And you do not know the answer.
The report looks away thinking that will be your end.
The girl of the 'cursed' eyes jumps on wolf killing and releasing the report.
The two look at each other,
A story that could end tragic, Finish without a precise end.



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