[SINGLE] Pandora Boxley - Sakura

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[SINGLE] Pandora Boxley - Sakura

Mensagem por PandoraBoxley em Sex Jan 08, 2016 5:49 pm

Titulo: Sakura
Artista: Pandora boxley
Duração: 4:04
Escritores: Pandora Boxley,KUROUSA P
Produtores:KUROUSA P,

Essa musica pandora conta como ela era insegura, antes de toma suas decisões ela se acha diferente nas suas escolhas, ate conhecer um menino que mostrou a ela como ter suas escolhas e suas próprias opiniões.


In a distant land thousands of sakura blooming, and with the wind they fly.
where screams are muffled, as I live in this world will sing, but until when will I can handle?
small sakura I ask you me more strength to continue to sing in this world that this falling apart
as a battle cry I ask you to continue to dance with me!
join me, let's dance until the world disappear!
help me to find it in this lost world.

years passed, wars happened, the world increasingly with hate being but for how long?
let's just count 1,2,3,4
this little cycle that turns to repeat.
I caught him by the hand and the spotlight fall on us.
small sakura help me end the hatred and bring a little peace, let's all dance and be happy. but because we insist on fighting?
with a smile pull you, let's play until the sun disappear!
Wait no va still want to dance!
with a smile you continue to dance with me.

while I live in this little world I will sing and dance.
small sakura ask you to join this dance.
sakura going through the sky, I ask you who continue to sing with me!
I look at the sky and leap from my guillotine

small sakura, which are carried by the wind, I hope one day find him again.
when that happens we laugh and disappear ...
and continue to sing.


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