[SINGLE] Hatsune Miku feat Pandora Boxley - Slow Motion

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[SINGLE] Hatsune Miku feat Pandora Boxley - Slow Motion

Mensagem por PandoraBoxley em Seg Dez 21, 2015 11:21 am

Título: Slow Motion (feat. Pandora Boxley)
Artista: Hatsune Miku
Data de lançamento: 21 de dezembro de 2015, 10:30
Gênero: Pop, Dance, Pop dance
Duração: 5:10
Produtores: Pinocchio-P
Compositores: Hatsune Miku, Pandora Boxley.


(Hatsune miku)

Slow motion!
a vicious cycle!

GOGO! (2x)
Hang on.
how are you?

(hatsune miku)

I open my eyes with a beautiful sun on my face.

Will I have to do is back to sleep.
but I have to live another day.
Always the same routine.
when will I get out of this vicious cycle !?

I repeat things every day,
will there is a way to break it ?!
I'm accepting help!
How to break something that I repeat every day ?.
I get up, and I go to the computer.
Always change something, something terrible always happens ..
In the morning is always slept,
Afternoon is always the play,
Night is without sleep is,
and looks at the clock chimes.
and when I see in the morning, and the same cycle is repeated!
Need help...
someone to talk?
The everyone is asleep ...
How to get out of this vicious cycle?


repeating each step, I do until life is over.
I feel that I will repeat it even go to the grave.
how will my friends are going with their lives ..?
Oh, I do not know.
I already know what to do with that time ...
Wait, what is this?!
I need a profissonal.

True (2x)
You can do it!
Just do it?
What happened to you?!


I´m wake up, hear noises ,I open the door, I find you all hurt.
And your little smile disappeared, you looked like a lifeless robot ..
You want to come in and take some tea?
You speak the same sentences every day, you forgot to change?
Or just lost the will to live ..?
with a face would pull you into the yard.
With a smile, I force you go out of your routine.
All calculated to perfection!
something I'm doing you get back in!
Now let's break this chain ..
How it feels?
With a smile, I force you to play with me!
Let's not be shy, let's change this cycle!

(hatsune miku)
It's not right!
I can not break it!
I feel a bit scared ..
Something that is coming back to is more colorful
My smile springs up again on my face
And laughs start coming out of my mouth
what did you do to me?


it is possible to have.
and the impossible as well.

(miku hatsune and Pandora)

Hey (4x)

(hatsune miku)
so alone (2x)
I was

So sad (2x)
I was

I was so quiet ..
but something in my brain woke up!


A vicious cycle that forgot how to break!
From time to time if you are in trouble, we asked for help to your friends!


something that does not need to worry!
With a smile I will come back from over!

something that is good to do with life when it bother you!
Or when abandon you!
I can do it now!
This vicious cycle!
Be far away ...
Of my life, forever!

Slow motion!
Slow motion!
Slow motioOOON !!


a vicious life ...


Slow motion ..


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